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Welcome to Stockton Family Practice Website!

Stockton Family Practice is an innovative Center dedicated to the integration of the finest aspects of Complementary and Alternative approaches to Health and Well Being.

Screening Thermography Offered

July 16-18

Thermography is an FDA approved procedure that can be a useful adjunct to breast cancer risk screening. Thermography is a highly sensitive heat-measuring test with no radiation exposure, and is pain-free because nothing touches the body. Thermography is useful for women of all ages, and is particularly useful for younger women with dense breasts where mammography has particular difficulties. For additional information or a free information packet contact us at (609) 397-8585.

At Stockton Family Practice our mission is to offer the safest and most effective therapies for any situation. We respect every individual's right to choose his or her own path to health and wellness. We recognize our role as teacher and guide. We will enter a partnership with our patients in order to help them achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Defending Your Child from a Toxic World

View our nine part video on Youtube.com


Autism is treatable

I was a "doubting Thomas" but my love for my son made me try Stockton Family Practice. Well, I am a "Believer"!! This practice gave our family compassion, understanding and treatments that really worked! My son, Ryan's autism is 85% better in only 18 months. His eye contact, social interactions, success in school and expressive language is a joy! I just wanted to thank Dr. Freedenfeld and Nurse Kim for saving our son and our family. We are patients for life.

Sincerely, Cathy, Cinnaminson-NJ

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