Retirement Notice

On June 30, 2016, after 41 years practicing medicine, I retired.

I have spent my career looking for the safest, most effective treatments for common and rare medical illnesses.  I feel blessed that I have been so successful in this pursuit.  I will always find satisfaction in having been able to illuminate a path to better health for so many.  I will always cherish the smiles and expressions of gratitude that decorate the walls of my memory.  

I love my patients, I love my staff and I have always loved the doctor-patient relationship that is fundamental to the doctor being a teacher and a guide rather than an authoritative director.  I loved the intense consultations that enabled me to unravel the mysteries that created illness.  And I have loved finding pathways to real health and invigorated longevity.  

Whenever asked how I found the energy to work all the hours for so many years, I easily know that my strength and fortitude come from the positive energy I derive from my patients.  You have all been part of my life.  Some for four decades, others for much less.  I will miss you all.  My love to you all and I wish you all happiness and good health.

Stuart H Freedenfeld, MD  (“Doc” to most of you)

Please email your records request to me at or mail to Stockton Family Practice, PO Box 85, Stockton, NJ 08559.

If you are having trouble finding doctors to provide important intravenous and injection therapies please contact me and I will try to assist you.

Kim will continue to offer ongoing care for her autism patients with medical collaboration.  Please contact her personally for further details.  She will have an email just for patients at .

We have arranged for all our patients to be able to get the same high quality supplements at a nice discount with very low S&H charges through  Enter code 8585 when you first visit the site and they have a great selection of supplements.  If there is anything that you have been using that is not available there please let me know and I will try to help you find it or suggest a good alternative.

Charlie Erica Fall is certified in thermography and will continue to offer medically supervised screening exams in both PA & NJ.  She can be reached by email at

This website will be maintained for educational purposes.  Please enjoy the articles.